Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunny Saturday

I'm going to be typically British now and talk about the weather at the weekend. It was sunny, warm and generally nice, which is rather unusual for England. So how many of us cracked out the short shorts and cropped tops at the weekend? I’m assuming that I wasn’t the only one to spend the entire day outdoors, trying to soak up every single ray. When you live in England you learn to seize the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sun, even if it's only out for 20 minutes, so me, my dogs and my tortoise headed outside for a spot of sunbathing (and English literature revision).

So in this post I'm just going to share some photos I took on my phone whilst revising and simultaneously trying to save frogs from the clutches of my dog.
There she is, frog catcher Maisey.
So I'm guilty of what my mum likes to call 'skimping it out' which basically means that I'm one of those people who puts on their shorts and crop tops as soon as there is a glimmer of sunlight. My crop top and kimono are both from New Look, my shorts are from Miss Selfridge and my socks are from Topshop. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for my visible bra.
Just in case anyone was wondering, I have two dogs, both German Pointers, one short haired, one wire haired and one significantly more chilled than the other. Murphy, the wire haired pointer, enjoyed frequent romps in the garden where he would stop and smell the flowers and then soon after lay in the sun for about half an hour, then repeat the process.
So as I mentioned before I felt the urge to go outside as I hate not taking the opportunity to go outside when it's sunny, a British rarity even in mid may. As I couldn't find a practical way to revise using my laptop, I brought out my copy of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (an incredible read by the way) and did some good old English literature. 
My studies were only occasionally interrupted when Maisey found a frog and began barking with excitement because she was either about to eat it or present it to me on my work. This meant I had to get up and rescue it, an action which made me feel like quite the hero. During the day I also discovered that (to my surprise) I am a lot less squeamish than my brother.
I'm just hoping that this amazing weather continues after my GCSEs have finished so that I can take full advantage of that and enjoy some more time relaxing with my family.

Charlotte x