Sunday, 11 May 2014

OOTD & Awkward Waiters

When I say outfit of the day what I really mean to say is outfit of the night, as I went out last night and I didn't think you'd want to see me in my actual outfit of the day (worn out joggers and an oversized t-shirt). The reason I spent yesterday looking so trampy was because I had to revise for my GCSEs which start tomorrow *curls up on the floor and cries*, so I thought I'd spare you the horror of seeing me look like a zombie and show you what I wore when I went out.

Me, my dad and my brother went for a meal at a Mexican restaurant without my mum because she's currently in Spain. Originally I was going to wear my black collared dress from River Island with my DM's, but as British weather never turns out the way you want it to, I had to adapt my outfit for the rain. So I put on a pair of tights and a baby pink jumper from Topshop.

I'm still trying to get good pictures of my outfits so I apologise for the quality of this photo and the others to come, and yes, I realise that my feet look huge in this picture.

I didn't do anything with my hair and I only wore a bit of concealer and mascara, but this still prompted a waiter to flirt with me in front of my dad, which was extremely embarrassing. There was one particular moment where he gave me my food (mango glazed cod fajitas, they were incredibly tasty) and said "that looks good, just like you." This then caused Dan to laugh and my dad to get a tighter grip on his cutlery, turn to our waiter with a look of disgust and tell him I was 16, "well I'm 17" he said as he winked at me. I think the fact that he wasn't bad looking also added to the awkwardness.

Here I'm wearing benefit boi-ing concealer and max factor mascara

Can I also just mention that I love collars, I don't know what it is about them that makes them appeal to me so much. I just think they're really cute. I apologise for the seatbelt in the picture, I took it on the way to the restaurant.

Charlotte x