Sunday, 4 May 2014

Makeup Reviews

Like many other people, I like to splurge on products every now and again. I get extreme satisfaction from this when I buy makeup, hence why today's blog is just one big haul/review.
Firstly lipstick. I love a good lipstick and in recent months have been experimenting with some 'crazy colours' as my grandma likes to say. So it came as no surprise to my family when I came home with four new lipsticks to add to my ever-growing collection. The picture only shows about half of my collection.
My first purchase was a Barry M lipstick in shade 150 (5th from the left). Without the filter it's a rosey-pink colour very, slightly darker than my natural lip colour. It's very subtle when worn which is one of the reasons I bought it, it wears well and doesn't feel greasy as some lipsticks have in the past, and gives a matted effect.

My second purchase was 2 lovely Topshop lipsticks. I'm a huge fan of Topshop and I think that the cosmetics packaging is super cute.
I'm a sucker for novel names so when I found a lipstick named after the home state of Matthew Gray Gubler, (my favourite person ever, if you don't know him, look him up) I knew I had to have it; the fact that it was a nice colour also kind of helped to justify my decision. 'Nevada' is a little lighter than I would usually go for (and also feels slightly slippery to apply) but all in all I like it, but I would highly recommend using lip balm before hand as it gathers in the cracks in your lips if they're dry.
My other Topshop purchase was a deep purple colour called 'The Damned'. I am completely and utterly in love with this lipstick! It lasts for a long time without smudging or fading and gives a little edge to your outfit. Overall, I am so happy I bought this lipstick and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

My final lip purchase was Maybelline's Shocking Coral (7th from the left). I think it's a lovely summery colour and I will definitely be wearing it during the holidays. I found that it lasted a good amount of time before it needed reapplying and it teams well with big, defined lashes and subtle eyes.

Now I'm done with lips I can move on to what I've described to my friends as a 'miracle product': gel eyeliner. I opted for Maybelline's Lasting Drama gel eyeliner after hearing some good reviews. I am so glad I bought this, I used to have some slight difficulty applying eyeliner with a pencil, (which was a shame because I really love the cat eye style) but now it takes me about 5 minutes to apply nearly perfect eyeliner, it lasts all day and the only reason it smudged was because I forgot it was there and rubbed my eye at various points throughout the day. It also comes with a brush for smooth application. My only criticism with this product is that the brush cannot be attached to the pot, meaning if you're anything like me, you're bound to misplace it at some point. If you're considering whether it is worth buying or not I would definitely get it.
Another eye product I'm loving is Colour Tattoo, also by Maybelline, in the colour 'Eternal Gold'. To be completely honest, I only bought this because of a 3 for 2 offer at Boots, I just thought "Oh what the hell" as I piled it into the basket along with the eyeliner and lipstick, but I am not regretting this purchase at all. It has the texture of a cream and is very shimmery, which is quite noticeable in sunlight. I think that this particular colour will be great for the summer/autumn season as it resembles some of the beautiful yellow and gold tones that we see in these seasons. 
Here I am wearing benefit boi-ing concealer, Lasting Drama gel eyeliner and Nevada from Topshop Cosmetics.

Charlotte x